About us

Welcome to CarGirls.ca – your automotive haven where passion meets purpose, and where every woman’s voice in the car world is amplified.

Founded by two fierce and driven women, Jessica “Jess” Thompson and Laura “Laurie” Martin, CarGirls.ca aims to bridge the gap between women and the traditionally male-dominated automotive industry. With the collective belief that women, too, can be gearheads, racers, or simply informed consumers, CarGirls.ca was born out of a desire to empower, educate, and inspire.

Meet the Founders

Jessica ‘Jess’ Thompson: Hailing from the beautiful city of Vancouver, Jess’s journey began with the rumble of engines in her father’s garage. As a child, she traded dollhouses for toolkits, and her deep-rooted passion for cars led her to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jess believes in empowering women with automotive knowledge, whether it’s for everyday maintenance or for understanding the latest in car tech. As a mother, she also recognizes the unique challenges and requirements women face when making automotive decisions for their families.

Laura ‘Laurie’ Martin: Toronto-born Laurie always knew her destiny was intertwined with the roar of a racetrack. From a young age, she was enchanted by the world of motorsports. Defying norms, she didn’t just become a spectator but raced her way to become one of the few women competing at the pinnacle of Canadian motorsports. Laurie, with her vast racing experience, advocates for diversity in motorsports and aims to use CarGirls.ca as a platform to mentor the next generation of female racers.

Together, Jess and Laurie have combined their diverse expertise to bring you CarGirls.ca. Here, you’ll find everything from practical car maintenance tips, insights into the latest car models, stories of women making waves in the automotive industry, and a community that believes in the power of women behind the wheel.

Join us on this exhilarating ride. Whether you’re looking to buy your first car, aiming to get into professional racing, or simply seeking to be a more informed car owner, CarGirls.ca is here to fuel your journey. 🚗💨