2023 BMW 7 Series brings down the house with ‘Theater Screen’

Jessica Thompson

BMW’s redesigned 2023 7 Series has upped the ante on in-vehicle entertainment with an optional Theater Screen system that transforms the rear compartment into a media room on wheels. A 31-inch multimedia display delivers content in 8K resolution and runs on the Amazon Fire TV operating system. The screen lies flat against the sedan’s panoramic sunroof when not in use. But at the press of a button, it drops down behind the front-seat backrests. A pair of electric motors control the screen’s orientation, allowing it to fold and slide back and forth on articulated rails.

The display has three viewing angles that can be controlled with a 5.5-inch touch screen built into the rear doors. When the screen is in use, shades for the side and rear windows and the panoramic sunroof are closed, and ambient lighting in the rear is dimmed. A 36-speaker audio system packs a 1,965-watt amplifier and uses exciters in the seats with “magnetically controlled vibrations” to improve bass frequencies even at low volumes.

— Urvaksh Karkaria

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