BMW 2-Series Driver Watched A Few Too Many Mustang Videos

Jessica Thompson

Rear-wheel-drive cars are often the preferred drivetrain configuration for enthusiasts but if you own one and want to have some fun in it, getting some practice in a safe environment is a good idea. Evidently, the owner of this BMW 2-Series hasn’t had much practice and looks to have taken inspiration from all the Ford Mustang drivers that have crashed over the years.

The clip in question was recently filmed in Colombia at the conclusion of a car meet. Obviously eagerly to impress the crowd, and perhaps the girl in the passenger seat, the owner of the 2-Series pinned the throttle while pulling away from the event.

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This was no M2, however. While the rear tires of the 2-Series do lose traction, hitting the gas wasn’t enough to kick out the car’s tail like the driver wanted. As a result, the driver appears to aggressively tug at the wheel as they drive down the street, seemingly eager to induce some oversteer and to powerslide the BMW.

Things quickly go downhill as the fishtailing of the 2-Series becomes more and more violent until the driver completely loses control of it, slides off the road, and hits a curb.

The clip cuts out shortly after the impact and we haven’t been able to find any photos or videos taken in the aftermath of the crash. Nevertheless, it seems inevitable that the incident caused damage to the front fascia of the 2-Series and its undertray. Depending on the angle at which it hit the curb, it’s also possible that some damage was done to the wheels and suspension.

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