BMW Takes To Twitter To Remind Its Drivers To Use Their Turn Signals

Jessica Thompson

The automotive landscape is vast and as such there are a few stereotypes that have emerged. BMW USA decided today to play into one while also delivering an important public service announcement.

The automaker, which has been noted for its humor in the past, decided to remind drivers to “use your blinkers.” Although by no means a controversial assertion, some of the people playing along in the replies would suggest that stereotypes about BMW drivers not using their turn signals are well known.

Indeed, the humor was not lost on BMW’s followers. The post has received 731 likes, 77 quote tweets, and 172 retweets, as this is written. And people are having fun with it.

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Users like @NicholasCope20 responded that “We don’t need those we drive BMW’s” [sic] while @pconnelly1970 responded “…said no BMW owner ever.” User @DaveBanks73, meanwhile, asked “Wow a BMW has blinker’s [sic] fitted, is it factory option?”

This isn’t the first time BMW has had some public facing fun. The brand is famed for its playful banter with competitor Audi, with whom it has traded barbed remarks on social media and on billboards in the past.

That makes us curious, though, as to what tweets other brands might send out if they had BMW’s sense of humor. Would Nissan tell Altima drivers to slow down? Would Tesla ask… actually never mind, I’ve heard enough about them on Twitter already.

Meanwhile, for any BMW owners confused by this tweet, the blinker is operated using the stalk on the left side of the steering of the steering wheel. You can learn all about it in the video below.

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