Elon Musk wants to reach 1 billion daily users for Twitter

Jessica Thompson

Elon Musk shared his goal to reach 1 billion Twitter users during an all hands virtual meeting with workers on Thursday, June 16. 

According to Yahoo Finance tech editor Dan Howley, Twitter currently has 229 million daily active users, which the social media platform calls daily monetizable active users.

“But really, there’s not a whole heck of a lot of people using Twitter at this point. And I don’t think there ever really will be. It’s too opaque. It’s complicated. It’s basically a cesspool, as it is,” Howley stated. 

Musk also reiterated that he wants to integrate payments into the app. Last month, he shared a few ideas about monetizing Twitter. Musk said that the social media platform would always be free to casual users but suggested that Twitter could introduce “a slight cost” for commercial or government users. 

“But, you know, Musk also talked about wanting to potentially monetize it more, getting people to pay for their verifications, dealing with bots. He said they should open source the ability to look for bots and those automated accounts. You know, I think that is a great idea. I think it’s been brought up before,” the tech editor added. 

A few weeks ago, Musk announced he was putting his Twitter buyout on hold until he received legitimate data on its fake and spam accounts from the company. Last week, Twitter’s board finally agreed to comply with Elon Musk’s demand and give him the platform’s bot data.  

Elon Musk answered a few questions from Twitter employees and shared some information about how the social media platform could change after his $44 billion deal pushes through. For instance, Musk said he wasn’t that interested in being Twitter’s CEO. The Tesla CEO also answered questions about remote work for Twitter staff and free speech. He even talked a little bit about aliens. 

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Elon Musk wants to reach 1 billion daily users for Twitter

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