Man Trying To Put Out A Car Blaze Discovers What Happens When You Drop A Fire Extinguisher

Jessica Thompson

The internet is awash in videos of children throwing or dropping soda bottles only for them to become little rockets. I didn’t realize that could also happen with fire extinguishers.

A video recently posted to Reddit shows what happens when a fire extinguisher is dropped. The short clip opens on an already chaotic scene, as a car stopped at an intersection is slowly consumed by fire.

A man in a blue shirt attempts to do what seems only sensible given the circumstances and tries to use a fire extinguisher on the car. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, the extinguisher slips out of his hands and lands on the ground.

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As this happens, damage is done to the extinguisher and it develops a serious leak. The contents shoot out with such force that the canister starts spinning and flies up into the air, spooking the people who were nearby trying to help.

The canister is propelled high enough to easily fly multiple times higher than a nearby two-story building and off into the distance. It’s almost unbelievable how the fire extinguisher flies away and the onlookers appear to be as stunned as they are quietly awed by the spectacle of it.

Unfortunately, I imagine that, as impressive as this was, it was bad news for everyone involved. The owner of the vehicle on fire must not have appreciated losing their one means of extinguishing the fire. Whoever was nearest to the extinguisher when it landed no doubt had quite a fright, too, as I don’t imagine that metal canister arcing through the air lands very gently when it comes down.

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