Mercedes gains despite Germany’s 18% new-car sales slide in June

Jessica Thompson

FRANKFURT — German new-car registrations fell 18 percent to 224,558 in June, according to data released by the KBA motor transport authority.

Problems with parts supplies stemming from the war in Ukraine and China’s COVID-19 lockdowns have led to limited availability of vehicles for consumers in Europe’s largest auto market.

Mercedes-Benz, Dacia, Alfa Romeo and Polestar were among the brands that reported sales increases last month.

Polestar’s registrations were up 59 percent, Dacia sales grew 40 percent, Alfa jumped 19 percent and Mercedes’ volume was up 9.5 percent.

Tesla big monthly loser

Big losers last month included Mazda, down 50 percent, Tesla, down 35 percent, and Renault and Peugeot, both down 34 percent. Fiat’s volume dropped 30 percent, while Volkswagen was down 24 percent and Opel slipped 18 percent.

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Sales of full-electric cars fell 3.5 percent for a 14.4 percent market share, while plug-in hybrid registrations dropped by 16 percent for a 11.7 percent share.

In the first half, German market sales are down 11 percent to 1.23 million. Polestar six-month registrations rose 144 percent, outpacing No. 2 Dacia with 45 percent.

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