SpaceX Starlink approved again in France

Jessica Thompson

Last week, Arcep—France’s telecoms regulator—granted SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Services Limited authorization to use radio frequencies for a network open to the public so it can provide fixed internet access via satellite. 

Starlink also requested authorization to use frequencies linked to Gateway Earth Station (GES), which contributes to its network’s operations. The frequencies linked to GES allow Starlink satellites to connect to its terrestrial network. The President of the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcep) approved the internet provider’s request.

Arcep initially approved Starlink’s internet services for France back in February 2021. It authorized Starlink to open a network providing fixed internet access by satellite to the people of France. Arcep’s 2021 authorization was based on the Starlink satellites already in orbit at the time. 

However, the State Council canceled Arcep’s Starlink approval on April 5, 2022. Shortly after, on April 8, 2022, Starlink requested that Arcep consult the public to gather information from people in France who were interested in its internet services. 

Arcep published the results of the public consultation last week. The findings particularly highlighted that the people most interested in Starlink were located in “white areas,” places with poor network services. 

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SpaceX Starlink approved again in France

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