Tail-Happy Mercedes-AMG E 63 And Audi RS6 Drivers Manage To Run Into Each Other

Jessica Thompson

Luxury performance cars don’t get much more desirable than the Mercedes-AMG E 63 and Audi RS6 Avant but thanks to a recent mishap, there are now two fewer on our roads.

This video recently found its way onto Facebook and initially shows the driver of a dark grey E 63 powersliding through a parking lot. While drifting a car as powerful as the Mercedes in a parking lot is a better idea than doing it on the road, that didn’t prevent an accident from happening.

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As the video pans to the left and follows the AMG, an Audi RS6 comes into view and is seen traveling in the opposite direction. While it is hard to be certain, it appears the driver of the all-wheel drive wagon was also trying to powerslide it. Unfortunately, the driver of the Mercedes appears to have not noticed the RS6 until the very last second and ends up slamming into the side of it.

Both cars took quite heavy hits and although the video doesn’t show us the damage sustained to either of them, it seems inevitable that the E 63 will need some serious front-end repairs while the RS6 may need a new rear door and quarter panel.

The crash could have easily been avoided had either of the drivers just been more attentive. The incident somewhat reminds us of that moment you’re walking on the sidewalk and notice someone heading straight towards you. In order to avoid running into them, you move right but then they move left and you’re left in a standoff. In this case, the drivers didn’t appear to know which way to go to avoid hitting each other.

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