Tesla Production, Deliveries Graphed Through Q1 2022: Another Record

Jessica Thompson

Tesla’s global production and sales results in the first quarter of 2022 did not disappoint. Deliveries reached another quarterly record, while the production was at a near-record level. That’s outstanding news considering how challenging the global economy and automotive industry is in particular.

In this post, we will take a look at the numbers and charts to visualize the progress and better understand what can be achieved in the near future.

Let’s get into details.


Tesla increased its overall electric car production in Q1 by about 69% year-over-year to 305,407, just a few hundred units below the record of 305,407 set in Q4 2021.

The lion’s share falls on the Model 3/Model Y – over 291,000. Another bit of positive news is that the production of the refreshed Model S/Model X further increased compared to Q4.

The preliminary sales result (customer deliveries) was at a record high of 310,048 (up 68% year-over-year). The Model 3/Y reached an all-time record, while the Model S/X pair improved towards the levels seen in the previous years.

Q1 2022 (YOY change)

  • Total production: 305,407 (up 69%)
    • Model 3/Y production: 291,189 (up 61%)
    • Model S/X production: 14,218 (vs 0)
  • Total deliveries: 310,048 (up 68%)
    • Model 3/Y deliveries: 295,324 (up 62%)
    • Model S/X deliveries: 14,724 (up 625%)

“In the first quarter, we produced over 305,000 vehicles and delivered over 310,000 vehicles, despite ongoing supply chain challenges and factory shutdowns.”

During the past four quarters, Tesla produced and delivered more than 1 million electric cars. Cumulatively, more than 2.6 million Tesla cars were delivered.


  • Q1: 310,048 (up 68%)
    2021: 310,048 (up 68%)
  • Model 3/Y deliveries
    Q1: 295,324 (up 62%)
    2022: 295,324 (up 62%)
  • Model S/X deliveries
    Q1: 14,724 (up 625%)
    2022: 14,724 (up 625%)
  • Q1: 305,407 (up 69%)
    2022: 305,407 (up 69%)
  • Model 3/Y production
    Q1: 291,189 (up 61%)
    2022: 291,189 (up 61%)
  • Model S/X production
    Q1: 14,218 (vs 0)
    2022: 14,218 (vs 0)

Considering that Tesla already produces the Tesla Model Y in two new plants – in Germany and in Texas – it seems very likely that Q2 and the following quarters also will bring new records.

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