The Driver Of This McLaren 720S In Mexico Has Had Much Better Days

Jessica Thompson

No one likes seeing a damaged supercar and this orange McLaren 720S crashed in Toluca, Mexico is a particularly sad sight to see.

Details about the crash aren’t known but a video shared to Instagram gives us a glimpse of the damage sustained to the mid-engined supercar. Evidently, it will not be cheap to fix and we suspect the McLaren will be off the road for quite some time.

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The video shows the 720S resting across the far two right lanes on a highway, right next to an Armco barrier and a fence. While unconfirmed, it seems likely that the driver of the McLaren lost control of the car, spun, and hit the barrier. The force of the impact has ripped off the driver’s side rear wheel, taking with it the brake disc, caliper, and many suspension components.

It’s hard to tell how much damage was sustained to the bodywork but as the individual filming this video cruises past the 720S, we can see that a large piece of the rear bumper has been torn from the car.

While it is difficult to say with certainty, we suspect the car probably can be repaired but it will likely prove to be very costly, particularly considering the damage done to the complex suspension system that uses hydraulics rather than traditional sway bars. Of course, if you have the money to own a car like this, you probably have the money to fix it too.

Lead screenshot via Supercarfails / Instagram

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