Fancy A Spare Bugatti Chiron Carbon Roof Assembly? That’ll Be $55,000

Jessica Thompson

The world might be waiting for the debut of Bugatti’s next ICE-powered hypercar but the current Buggati owners are interested in maintaining their precious Veyrons and Chirons using OEM parts. A perfect example is this genuine carbon roof assembly for the Chiron, that is offered by sgr_automotive for the cool price of $55,000 (€52,000)

This means that a brand new VW Golf R will cost you $10k less than the Chiron’s roof assembly, and that’s not the only sports model in this price range. Still, we shouldn’t compare apples to oranges. Bugatti is known for the extravagant maintenance costs associated with its models, and its common knowledge that body panels made of carbon fibre do not come cheap.

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The roof is an important structural component of the Chiron, being connected directly to its monocoque carbon-fibre chassis. Unlike the Veyron Grand Sport, the Chiron was never offered in roadster bodystyle, so the roof is not removable. It is not clear if the company sourced the part from the Bugatti factory or if it came off a wrecked Chiron.

When you look at the cost of optional equipment for a Bugatti Chiron, the $55,000 asking price for the roof assembly in comparison sounds like a great deal. For example, the “Sky View” option which adds two glass panels on the roof costs $62,000 from the factory. As proven by this OEM part, the holes for the sunroof are there in every Chiron, surrounded by carbon fibre.

In any case, if your Bugatti Chiron has a damaged roof or if you need a spare part to sit in your garage, this is a rare opportunity to buy it online. The part is painted in blue and doesn’t come with the interior trim, but we guess if you are willing to pay that much for a roof panel you won’t have an issue with the extra costs of painting and fitment. The good thing is that the roof panel is common in all Chiron variants, including the Pur Sport, the Super Sport, and the Super Sport 300+.

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